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Helping Around the Holidays

Youth and young adults are commonly on break, back with family, or enjoying their free time at this time of year. There is still support for you and your family in whatever space you create this time of year. Learn about the resources if you are looking for support around the holidays. Check out these free resources: MHA, Mental Health America  Looking For Support During The Holidays? Check Out These Free Resources The holidays can be a time for joy, community, and celebration. But after more than a year, times are much different, and others are experiencing isolation and loneliness due to events coming from the pandemic. Find warmlines, more information on the REACHOUT App. This peer support app connects you with a community that collectively supports others going through mental health issues and chronic conditions.

Quality Screen Time

There is always a screen near us, a phone, a laptop, or a TV in today's virtual world. Screen time can be dangerously high for youth and young adults, but there is a difference between regular or "passive" screen time and quality screen time. The key is to learn how to monitor your screen time and the difference between quality and passive. Featuring… Screen Time: How Much Is Too Much? It's essential to know the difference between passive "screen time" and quality "screen time." Watch this 5-minute video, " Screen Time: How Much Is Too Much ?" by the YouTube channel Above the Noise. The video explains all the minor but significant differences between passive and quality screen time while also explaining how often we are in front of a screen every day and whether it's healthy for us at all.  We Can! Screen Time Chart If you're looking to manage and/or keep track of how often your family is on screens, check out the We Can! Screen T

Advocacy Stories for Youth by Youth

Sharing Stories about overcoming challenges and obstacles, learning how to self-advocate, and much more can positively impact those with shared experiences. On YouTube, we've created several videos including these youth and the stories they want everyone to know about. The stories are featured in the "Advocacy Stories by Youth for Youth," SPAN YouTube Channel video series. 

Formin', Stormin', Normin', Performin', & Transformin'

When groups of like-minded youth and young adults get together for the common good, great things can happen. The five stages of group development: forming, storming, norming, performing, and transforming, can help youth achieve their best within a team.