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Practicing Mindfulness

COVID has changed all of our surroundings, some more than others. But, the ghouls and skeletons still line up the lawns of houses in nearby towns. In the next few days, we will live through Halloween and the 2020 Presidential eventful week! So, we all need a moment to ourselves and to breathe, fortunately, the topic of this week's youth chat teaches us how to practice mindfulness.  Mindfulness is best explained as: "...Paying attention in a particular way, on purpose, in the present moment, and without judgment." Jon Kabat-Zinn  We can start practicing mindfulness in different and simple ways like breathing exercises (Ex. breathe in for 4 seconds, hold your breath for 7 seconds, and exhale for 8 seconds), using a coloring book, or taking a long walk. But, your main focus is to be aware and live in the present moment, become oneself, to break free of worrying about the future which helps soothe anxiety or lessen the stress.  In uncertain times like these, per

Accessible Cooking

Nothing beats an omelette with a side of crispy bacon in the morning, but before the dish comes the cooking. And, cooking can come easy to you and me but there are individuals with disabilities that need help to develop this important life skill. There is an excellent and user-friendly website that makes it their mission to bring the joys of cooking to everybody including those with intellectual disabilities. This is awesome because we can all agree, everybody needs to eat! So let's read on.   This week's youth chat featured a video on the website, AccessibleChef, which discusses the benefits of individuals with disabilities developing cooking skills. The benefits included were cooking and trying new foods, bonding with friends and family in the kitchen, and how measuring ingredients can lead to academic excellence in math or science. But, one of the useful tools of the website that was shared in the chat was the Recipe Creator.  A fantastic resource that young adult facilitato

Advocacy and Action

It's mid-October! Where did the time go? Life is moving fast but here at the Hub, we keep track of every Thursday for a new blog post that recaps the youth chat! Take a seat to read about the important information shared in this week's youth chat: Yesterday, on the weekly SPAN youth chat, we watched a YouTube video on "Understanding Advocacy and Action," which centered on philanthropy or giving to a good cause towards people, organizations, and communities. For example, donations of money and/or food to a local shelter and organizing local events such as races, fundraisers, or book fairs to help schools or countries affects by natural disasters.  The goal of philanthropy is to create positive change in the world and you can start in your community. With actions like raising awareness for a disease, not many people know about (ex. ALS, aka. the ice bucket challenge) or raising concerns about the dangers of pollution. There is a difference between philanthropy and advoc

10/07 Youth Chat Recap

Welcome back! Here is a quick review on the blog, every Thursday there is a new post that recaps the weekly SPAN youth chat and includes its highlights and resources. Feel free to connect with us in the comments section or email blog post ideas that could be featured here! On Wed., 10/7, the youth had a discussion and took part in a mix/match activity on the four parts of civic engagement, or the making a difference in the civic life of one's community and developing knowledge, skills, values, and motivation to make that difference. Here are the four parts: Civic Action -  Taking a part in volunteering, service-learning, or any task to help better the community. For example, cleaning your local parks or lending a hand at a community fundraiser Civic Duty -  The willingness to make positive contributions to society, for example, voting, filling out the census, or donating aid to communities affected by natural disasters like wildfires! Civic Skills - The ability to be involved in ci

Welcome! & 9/30 Youth Chat Recap

Thank you for visiting the SPAN Youth Hub. Here we will post a recap of the weekly SPAN youth chat that includes the highlights of the discussion and resources. And, feel free to connect with us through the youth-recommended comments section or email for contributions that could be featured on the blog.  On our last youth chat, Wed., 9/30, we shared the first look of the blog's layout and theme. A visually appealing background with yellow, green, and blue color tones, as you can see! Other notable inclusions are the "Report Abuse" button, found in the sidebar menu (upper right on PC and mobile).  Use this feature to report any inappropriate and offensive material to alert the authors of the SPAN Youth Hub for removal. We strive for a safe, and positive space here in the Hub. And, you can find links to the SPAN weekly youth chat, YouTube channel, and website in the sidebar.  This wraps up the first recap. Join us for new posts every Thursday! Want to join us for the youth