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Social Anxiety in Students with Learning Disabilities Featuring NJ YELL

Students with learning disabilities navigate stigma and bullying, and equipping individuals to challenge harmful and negative stereotypes can inspire confidence in others. Social Anxiety in Students with Learning Disabilities Check out a study based on the social anxiety experienced by students with learning disabilities. The research examines students' social anxiety levels and determines the best ways to relieve stress, for example, behavioral and accessibility therapy sessions. Find the Social Anxiety in Students with Learning Disability: Benefits of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy here: . NJ YELL - Youth Excelling in Leading & Learning The Statewide Parent Advocacy Network (SPAN) is actively recruiting youth and young adults, with and without disabilities and/or special healthcare needs, ages 16 – 26, for our advisory council, the NJ YELL. NJ YELL provides the opportunity for training in advocacy and participation in regional

Adaptive Sports

Adaptive sports are competitive or recreational sports for people with disabilities. Since 1960, the world has witnessed inspiring moments from the world-renowned Paralympics event to see the incredible feats of individuals with physical disabilities in sports. Help us spread awareness of the international recognition of Paralympians.  The Paralympics' Most Memorable Moments The Paralympics is a sporting event for qualifying athletes with physical and intellectual disabilities. Becoming a Paralympian is no easy task; athletes must compete at local, state, regional, national, and international levels to receive status as emerging athletes and an opportunity to qualify for the games.  In 2016 the games were broadcast in more than 150 countries, attracting 4.1 billion people (a 7% increase from the 3.8 billion people that watched the London 2012 event). If you missed it, check out some memorable moments here:  Adaptive Sports: The Stars That Break Boundaries Check out these individual

Mental Health Challenges Featuring the University of Pittsburgh's Study

Colleges and universities are post-secondary education available but not always accessible for people with disabilities. Students who seek accommodations in their classes or courses are a right no matter if they identify with physical or intellectual disabilities or mental health challenges.  Anxiety, depression, eating, or personality disorders are psychiatric disabilities or mental health challenges. Check out the following resources on how and what accommodations can exist in colleges or universities.   A College Search Guide for Students with Disabilities Before opening the first textbook, there's a crucial step for new students: which school is the best choice? Other than price, location, and extracurricular activities, students with disabilities must factor in accessibility.  Find out from student Isabel Mavrides-Caldero how to search for the right college if you have a disability here:

SPAN Parent Advocacy Network's Amplify Advocacy

Hearing stories about overcoming challenges and self-advocating can positively impact those with shared experiences. Find stories featuring youth and young adults with disabilities speaking on how advocating impacts their professional and personal lives in the Amplify Advocacy playlist on the SPAN YouTube Channel. Find the entire playlist here:  Amplify Advocacy . Amplify Advocacy The playlist is a collection of stories from youth and young adults using their right to advocate and speak out for their accommodations in different spaces, school, work, and social life.  Check out Rachel Shandler, Jordan Pratt, and Atif Deen's stories here:  Rachel Shandler speaks on her advocacy experiences as a youth and young adult with a developmental disability. Her insight and knowledge are valuable to professionals overcoming their challenges and needs. Jordan Pratt shares his advocacy story as he speaks about his support system, interests and challenges, accommodations, and life experience. Ati