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Finding Motivation

  Motivation pushes us to strive for success, accept new paths, and face new life challenges. When properly motivated, the ordinary person will go above and beyond to do extraordinary things. 

Digital Activism

Social media can be entertainment or a way of passing the time, but it can also be a tool. For example, digital activism is when social media is a tool for awareness and bridges hundreds of thousands of online communities on a cause.

Transition Mini Conference

This FREE conference is for youth and their parents on education, adult services, assistive technology, and transition. Join us in person!   Date and time Saturday, April 6. 10am - 3pm EDT   Location East Brunswick Public Library, Civic Center Drive East Brunswick, NJ 08816 5 hours This FREE conference is for youth and their parents/caregivers on the transition to adult life, adult services, self-advocacy, assistive technology, and more. Do You Understand Your Youth’s Transition Plan? Does your youth need to build their self-advocacy skills? Are you a Youth preparing to transition from school to adult life? Join us in person to learn strategies and resources from SPAN! Youth Track: An interactive day of self-advocacy skill building for youth ages 14-21 Family/Caregiver Track: Understanding the IEP Transition Plan for post-secondary education and Employment. Understanding the transition to adult services. Lunch will be provided. ***PLEASE READ*** Parents and caregivers (who can attend s

Practicing Creative Expression

Creative expression uses our minds and imaginations to create representative art or objects. Self-expression can be done through film, drawing, or crafts.

Study Smarter

Studying is a skill to refine and be helpful even with hesitation to hit the books. Learning how to study smarter can improve academic tasks and build world knowledge.