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The Health Benefits of Physical Activity

Physical activity means exercising, dancing, walking, etc.—all different ways to get up and start moving.  The health benefits of physical activity are essential for youth, young adults, and individuals with disabilities. Benefits include bone strength , less anxiety, building strong muscles, and more.  Featuring…

Express Yourself

Self-expression is a way of communicating your unique personality. Art, dance, music, or writing are ways to practice self-expression that allow individuals to creatively share their voices. Youth and young adults can improve their social life by expressing themselves through art and self-reflection. Featuring…

Healthy Eating

Cooking is a life skill that builds independence and helps individuals make healthy food choices.  The website,  Accessible Chef guides youth, young adults, and individuals with disabilities to the first step in cooking by creating recipes.  Featuring…

Black Disability Activists

In honor of Black History Month, learn about the extraordinary leadership from Black Disability Activists. Figures like Lois Curtis and Johnnie Lacy's work and commitment to public service advanced disability rights in Black communities. Youth, young adults, and adults have benefitted from these Black pioneers in advocacy, activism, health, and mental health.  Featuring… Recognizing Black Disability Rights Lois Curtis was diagnosed with cognitive disabilities at the age of 11. Curtis and her treatment team or support knew she could live in a community and not be confined in an institution. But the state refused to support her financially. She led the fight for her independence and against the segregation of people with disabilities.  All the way to the United States Supreme Court in 1999,  Olmstead v. L.C . The Court ruled in her favor by deeming it unconstitutional to remain at an institution. Thanks to Lois Curtis, people with disabilities have the right to live freely in their