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Tools For Life

Tools have been used to solve issues for centuries. We use them to fix and improve houses, cars, computers, and more. Yet, life isn't physical like a house or car, so a hammer or saw won't solve problems in life. So what do we use? Those tools come in the form of resources. The counseling website KidsHelpline has a wide variety of resources and activities for anyone aged 5-25. The site also includes forms of counseling for those aged 5-25 like discussing mental health breaks, reading challenges, and sharing stories. There is even a post talking about how returning to normal life might not be so easy for everyone.

Gamify Your Self-Care

Video games are some of the most influential activities ever made, allowing players to play as detailed characters, explore worlds, and learn useful skills and facts to use in real life. Games can be used to help people with real issues and are not always meant for entertainment. Check out our first blog post on #GamingForSelfCare , as we continue with more information like a new task manager to help keep things organized in a fun way.

Defining Self-Advocacy

Youth empowerment is helping youth and young adults take charge of their lives. The first step to self-advocacy is 'self,' which means that one needs to learn of their strengths, disability, needs, and wants. After learning about yourself then you can start to advocate or speak up for your necessary supports.  

Gaming for #SelfCare

Video gaming can be an opportunity for youth and young adults of different walks of life to improve their communities. Gaming has become more inclusive as youth and young adults with disabilities pioneer great developments and shown interest in designing. This demand inspired the  Game-U  Accelerate course, free to New Jersey’s young adults in the state's DDD program. Read more to learn more about this opportunity and a free mobile app on #SelfCare: