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The ABCs Of Friendship

Plates being set, sides being passed, and steam off the golden brown turkey on the table...Thanksgiving is here! On behalf of everyone here at SPAN,  we wish each and every one of you a happy Thanksgiving! Your support, whether your join our Youth Chats, tune into our weekly blog posts, or just sharing your stories with us in the comment section, continues to inspire us every day.  Thanksgiving Day is upon us and we decided to skip this week's youth chat. Instead, we are going to focus on the "ABCs of Friendship." Thank you to Alexander Rosa for this contribution. While these are coined the “ABCs of Friendship! They are also a great model of attributes to express our Gratitude to those that make a difference in our lives. They also serve as goals we can individually strive for as it relates to the reciprocity of kindness to our family and friends. Let us become the change we want to see in the world by learning and putting the ABC's of Friendship into practice. (A)cce

Thanksgiving - 2020 Edition

Thanksgiving is a week away and we are looking forward to spending time with family around the dinner table. But, in the midst of the pandemic, the norms of Thanksgiving like travel plans, large gatherings, or going to parties have been canceled or replaced with safe practices in this holiday season. With that in mind, the youth, young adults, and the SPAN youth facilitators shared what their Thanksgiving will look like in the midst of a pandemic.  The youth were polled on what will their Thanksgiving dinner look like this year. And, all of the youth had the same plan which was to have an indoor but small gathering with family or friends. They all shared the same sentiments, to spend time with their immediate family or close friends without risking any exposure to COVID-19.  During the discussion, a few of our youth shared that they, normally, would have traveled to visit family in different states, particularly in the South, like North Carolina, Virginia, or Georgia. They would enjoy

Partners in Education: Transition Mini Conference

 As we observe Veterans Day and honor all those who have served our country, past and present, Americans spent their day at home, watching TV, doing chores, and planning their weekend. Yet some youth spent time as part of the SPAN Youth Chat! Yesterday's chat was short, but we promoted the Partners In Education: Transition Mini-Conference, Saturday, 11/14 at 10 AM - 12 PM. It will feature a Youth Track (ages 14-21) that will speak on Youth Leadership Development, Building Youth Self-Advocacy Skills, and Leading Your IEP Meeting.  Here is a run-through on How To Register: Select register on the Eventbrite page (link below resources at the end of the blog post). Select Youth Admission ticket (adult tickets are sold out). Fill out contact information. Fill out all form questions. There will be an option to note if you need a Spanish interpreter or accommodations.  (Optional) Check off if you would like to receive updates from the organizer and Eventbrite. Submit registration.     And,

Healthy Living

Inhale. Exhale. Take a moment to breathe to release stress. Today, as we all practice breathing exercises and the year comes to an end, we want to reach the finish line healthy, strong and filled with mindfulness. A good place to start is the Kelty Mental Resource Centre that houses numerous resources for healthy living that was shared with the youth and young adults of the chat. So again, inhale and exhale...let's review! On the Kelty | Healthy Living webpage are podcasts, videos, blogs, and apps focused on boosting the mental health of an individual. We featured an exciting app that was promoted on the website called Breathr ,  an IOS and Android app with guidance to practice mindfulness through breathing rhythms, mediation, and customized practices. But, take your time to discover all the helpful and fun resources o the Kelty Mental Resource Centre website.  The youth and young adults shared excellent recommendations and ways that they practice mindfulness or release stress. Som