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Living Philanthropically

To enact social change via causes that are important to you requires you to live philanthropically. Youth and young adults can learn this mindset by learning about current events and taking the first step in philanthropy. Invest your time, treasures, and talents in the community to be part of philanthropy. 

Advocacy and Action

Advocating and action go hand in hand. Everyone wants to see change, but it starts with an individual. There is a planning process before the action takes place. But youth and young adults have the strength and capacity to give back for the common good. 


Self-advocacy is a necessary life skill, and disclosing your disability is a form of self-advocacy. Youth and young adults should know when to disclose sensitive information like their disability. Because disclosing your disability is not an easy task but may be required for certain accommodations like enrolling in college and connecting with Disability Services.  Featuring… How to Self-Advocate as a College Student with a Learning Disability One of the first exposures that young adults have in disclosing their disability is college enrollment. Neurohealth Arlington Heights offers services to people of all ages in psychological assessments and treatments. This webpage on their site describes what it means to contact Disability Services in College. Communicating and disclosing your disability in college is necessary because it is how one would receive accommodations. Read more and learn what rights you have under the American Disabilities Act (ADA). Are you a self-advocate? Have you eve

Grit & The Power of Yet!

Grit or mental toughness is the difference between gold and silver medalists. Any amount of success should be celebrated, but youth and young adults with grit push forward in their challenges to not only accomplish their goals but go beyond them. Anyone can start building grit with the power of yet. Featuring… GRIT: Traits that Matter for School, Work, and Life Watch this video on grit. It is explained as a combination of character traits, "such as self-control, passion, and perseverance." Grit has now been considered more important by modern psychologists for success in life than good grades. Learn more on this as you watch the video.  The Power of YET! Building a growth mindset is not easy, but this activity is a start. The Power of Yet is when you use the word "yet" to train your brain to look at challenges as stepping-stones, not walls.  Examples:  "Losing weight is hard, and I don't think I'll get to the weight that I want...yet! "I don'

Back to School

New Jersey is welcoming students after more than a year of virtual learning because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Communities are concerned about the effects and possible surges that can occur due to this. A community can practice these guidelines to help students thrive in this school year. With the CDC feature "Back to School."  Featuring… Back-to-School: Helping Students Thrive | Adolescent and School Health | CDC Schools in New Jersey are returning to in-person instruction this Fall. Many communities are concerned with educating, helping students feel connected, and referring students to mental and physical health services.  It’s important for youth and young adults to feel safe and supported as the school year kicks off after statewide closures due to COVID-19. Check out the toolkits, social media shareouts, and more on this CDC feature.