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Serving Communities

Youth and young adults are part of communities, online or where they live. We make a difference by serving in those communities, for example, online tutoring or visiting seniors. Here are opportunities to be part of youth events, webinars, and focus groups that can be your first step into service. Virtual events like Zoom meetings, Twitch, or YouTube Livestream have become really popular over the last few years. These events can spread useful and important information. Online events can positively impact large groups of people. An event, in person or online, is started by the community. The next step into service starts with participating. Being a part of an online community can be a great experience. Groups may pair you up by answering questions and surveys, performing tasks, or inviting a friend into the community.  And, depending on the community and how you personally feel, you might want to become an active member of that group. Active members have a role like recruiting new membe

Active Listening

The Summer season is around the corner, and so are barbecues, beach days, and seeing family after a year of being cooped up. It's been more than a year of listening to others behind a computer or mobile screen. And, all these reunions require listening...particularly playing close attention with our bodies, eyes, and the sounds around us.  Listening is a skill that helps youth become better leaders and problem solvers. And how to increase good feelings and spread positive energy by being present in a conversation and synced with the sounds around you.  Practice makes perfect. Active listening is best put to practice. Guess the Sounds Game is a fun, amusing, and skill-building video that can put your skills to the test. Youth and young adults were tested on their listening skills, and learning how to detect sounds without any clues to what it not an easy task!  Give it a try by scrolling under Resources and click on Guess the Sounds Game to experience the test. Leave a comme

Discovering Your Purpose

A challenge in life is finding a purpose or a greater goal to achieve. We think purpose will come in the future, but we can really start any day. Not all of us know exactly how or when we're going to find that purpose, and that's perfectly fine. And while finding any purpose is ok, it is way more beneficial to find your purpose, something that you want to accomplish. Youth and young adults can start discovering their purpose by finding values that are important to them.  There are resources like the Purpose Challenge Channel on YouTube.  The Purpose Challenge is a suggested video to watch an overview on finding a purpose that can lead to healthier lifestyles, success at work, and motivation. Finding a purpose also helps greatly in finding a career that's just right for you. The link for the video can be found below, under the Resources tab. We all have values or ideas that we really care about. To make things easy, we tend to sum up our values into simple, one-worded ideas,

Dealing with Change ft. Upcoming Events

Change is normal but not always easy. We all love to be comfortable, but change isn't about being comfortable. It is a chance to grow for better or worse. Youth and young adults learn these lessons in different ways. Youth see changes in work, school, or other social parts of their lives.  There are many videos out there that speak on change, but check out 'Dealing with Change' linked under resources. Features tips like slowing down, managing your time, and your responsibilities to avoid stress. This video was short but honest and well-received by the youth, and we'll be sure to show off similar videos in the future.  The youth in the SPAN youth chat had plenty to share on recent changes. Such as graduating high school in June, a great achievement. A big change, but he's looking forward to after high school.  A young adult in the chat explained about his recent change in weight and with a positive outlook is exercising. Youth and young adults can learn with time how