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Teen Stress

Stress management and teens is a conversation that is important for youth and young adults to have. Recognizing and managing teen stress starts with understanding how teens can experience anxiety.

Learn Your Supports in School

Whether stress, failing classes, or emotional issues, having trouble in school is not your fault. As youth and young adults, our responsibility is to speak on our issues and look for support to help us. Getting help can include interventions & support, a 504 accommodation plan, Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Moreover, if you have an IEP, consider Youth-led IEPS and supported-decision making.  Let us talk more about these supports:  Interventions and Support: This is when teachers or school faculty directly help you with your challenges.  504 Accommodation Plan: If you have a disability but do not need special instruction to support you. There are supports available under the American Disabilities Act, which is for anyone with a doctor's diagnosis. A school can help under this act with exceptions such as more time to take tests, sitting closer to the teacher, or having a note-taker present in your class.  Individualized Educatio

The Power of Social Media Influencers

The evolution of social media is a concept that youth and young adults of different identities will consider a hub of information. At the center of this hub are the social media influencers. These are companies, organizations, but commonly individuals who are selling an idea or product. Anybody can consider themselves an influencer, but how and what for is the question. Using social media as a tool that is a power for the common good is an encouraging start. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the COVID-19 Vax

Youth and young adults have questions about the COVID-19 vaccine, and they are commonly fluent in technology use. These worlds are colliding with Vira, the Vax Chatbot, powered by artificial intelligence and designed to answer simple questions on the COVID-19 vaccine. The automated chat also has an option to provide feedback to the developers for improvements.