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News & Information

Keeping up with the news is how we keep up with the world. But what happens when that news turns out to be inaccurate or totally made-up? How can we tell essential information and facts apart from misinformation? Learn about the problem of misinformation and how to know whether a news story is a fact or fiction. Featuring… News & Information The news is supposed to inform us about current events and trends. Finding accurate news sources is becoming more and more difficult because of false information and clickbait. This article from shows a list of questions to consider when checking out a headline. Questions like, "Who made this?" or "Who might benefit or be harmed by this message?". If the answers point to anything suspicious, the article is likely inaccurate or misinforming. Fact-Checking for Teens and Tweens In the age of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media sites misinforming and inaccurate headlines spread like wildfire

Self-Advocacy In College & the Workplace

Youth and young adults are self-advocates at school and in the workplace. Learning the necessary skills, tips, and rights is essential to establishing what they need and expect to succeed in positive school and work environments. Featuring… College Self-Advocacy Learning to be a self-advocate will be helpful for your entire life, even during your college years. This featured post from NeuroHealth shows that knowing how to be a self-advocate is essential to getting the absolute most out of your college experience.  On The Job Self Advocacy The importance of self-advocacy isn't limited to school; it can also be used in the workplace.  Tips for Self-Advocacy in the Workplace,  by Dale S. Brown with  LDOnline,  features steps individuals with disabilities can take to self-advocate at work. These tips can make it so your work environment is safe and respectful, and accommodating for you and your needs. Have you ever been a self-advocate at school/work? Did you learn anyt

Great Responsibility

Responsibilities give us purpose in life and drive us to become organized individuals, whether it's chores, homework, or a promise to a friend in need. Learn about the benefits and great opportunities that can come with growing your responsibility.

Rutgers Newark, The Inclusion Project, Looking for Statewide Youth Ambassadors!

FWD: The Cornwall Center for Metropolitan Studies at Rutgers Newark, The Inclusion Project, the Latino Action Network Foundation, Salvation and Social Justice, and the Institute for the Study of Global Racial Justice, among other stakeholder organizations, are planning a statewide virtual conference entitled "Re-Envisioning the Future of Educational Equity in New Jersey," to be held on June 11, 2022. We seek a group of  Statewide Youth Ambassadors  to engage with adult stakeholders and be a critical voice throughout the implementation process. This conference is the first in a series of meetings to produce an educational equity agenda for the state and create connections opportunities. The issues to be addressed are likely to include: Inequities In Resources And Funding, Discipline Pre-School Disconnected Youth Post-Secondary Outcomes Special Education Segregation Statewide Youth Ambassadors will meet bi-weekly with adult stakeholders for 1-1.5