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Paid Opportunity! NJ Department of Labor & Workforce Development (NJDOL)

The NJ Department of Labor and Workforce Development (NJDOL) is the state's agency for protecting, improving, and guiding the state's workforce or workers. Here is an exciting and unique paid opportunity for youth and young adults to participate in that mission.  Applicants or interested participants will take a hands-on approach to support the development of NJDOL's digital career tools and provide feedback.  The spots are limited, so please contact Johan Mora Valverde at  for more information. If you are under 18, have a parent or guardian, or need support at any age, forward or share this opportunity. 

Youth in the Know Part. I

SPAN Advocacy's Youth in the Know webpage features critical resources to support your youth in transitioning to a job, college, or other pathways. Check them out and get helpful information to answer your questions, or contact SPAN at . Are you… Graduating Soon The New Jersey Transition Toolkit is a good step toward learning how school staff, students with disabilities, and families prepare for life after high school. The toolkit helps youth and their support navigate "transition planning," or moving from student life into adulthood. Find it by clicking the link here: Looking for a Job or Other Pathways? The New Jersey Youth Resource Spot (NJYRS) is a one-stop designed by the NJ Department of Children and Youth (DCF) Youth Council for young people. Find information to support you if you are searching for a job, transitional housing programs, or leaving the foster care system. Find it by c

Mental Health America’s (MHA) “Look Around, Look Within”

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and every year, we can look forward to a resource that can support those struggling with their health. Mental Health America's (MHA) "Look Around, Look Within" is an example of a toolkit created to bring awareness to mental health nationwide.  Check out our breakdown of a few guides in the tool and how you or others can use it to care for your mental health and community.  Featuring… A Mental Health Test Self-diagnosis isn't the first step but a step in the right direction using MHA's screening tool. Take a mental health test to determine if you are experiencing symptoms of a mental health condition. Please consider speaking with a doctor, parent, or therapist for a full assessment to receive the necessary resources and help. Find it here: Health & Home Environments A clean area to work, play, or relax in can do wonders for well-being. Did you know a messy bedroom can caus

Internet Safety

Navigating the internet can be fun and educational, but safely browsing is essential for keeping yourself and loved ones away from dangers. Knowing the dos and don'ts of internet safety matters when protecting from scammers, hackers, or those seeking personal information.  Featuring… 11 Internet Safety Tips The horror stories of people losing data or sensitive information are endless; for example, posting your vacation plans online or making your password, password. Avoid these by following browsing guidelines from online gaming and social media to browsing online videos.  Watch a short video from the YouTube channel;  Kaspersky  breaks down tips and tricks that can save you from becoming the next horror story in navigating the internet. Find it by clicking the link here: . How to Keep Information Private The Federal Communications Commission, FCC released a guide for families, children, youth, and parents on

Day Planning, Featuring The 2023 Youth & Teen Advocacy Day

Organizing your day can be extremely helpful for Anyone who wants their daily plans to be clear, efficient, and easy to do. Day planning, or daily scheduling, is an easy and fun way to plan.  Featuring… How to Organize Your Calendar A well-thought-out calendar is the best solution to chaotic and unproductive days. A physical or digital calendar can simplify an otherwise tough series of jobs into easy-to-do tasks.  On YouTube, the channel Thomas Frank has an entertaining video on this subject, How to Organize Your Calendar - The Ultimate Guide.  Watch the video for examples of how a well-planned calendar increases productivity. Find it by clicking the link here: . How to Plan Your Day Planning is a life skill that youth and young adults need to develop to grow their independence.  On , we've found an article explaining how to plan a typical day with different work, social, or personal scenarios.  Find i