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Work-Life Balance: Maintaining Separation Featuring Emily Cowen's Story

Work-life and home life don't have to be separate. Skills acquired in one area can benefit the other. For example, a personal event planner needs strong organizational skills which are valuable for a job. Similarly, being tech-savvy at work is a helpful resource for friends and family. Embrace the advantages of both lifestyles while setting boundaries. 
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Overcoming Adversity Featuring July is Now Disability Pride Month!

Adversity is a universal aspect of life. Whether it's challenges or setbacks in one's career, it is during these moments that our true strength becomes evident.  

*Correction*Unlocking Your Voice Featuring Youth Engagement Now (YEN)

Public speaking can seem challenging, but it's an attainable skill for everyone. Whether it's delivering a speech at a wedding, presenting at work, or addressing classmates, confident communication is crucial. By learning to manage nerves and connect with the audience, it's possible to become more comfortable and deliver messages effectively.

Honoring Juneteenth: A Journey Through History

Juneteenth is a holiday commemorating the end of organized slavery in America following the Civil War. Celebrated annually on June 19th, it was officially recognized as a federal holiday in 2021 through legislation signed by President Biden. For many African Americans, Juneteenth is an important milestone in honoring their cultural heritage and a means of uniting Black communities across the nation.

Media Bias - Separating Truth From Myth Featuring Boredom: A Guide for Parents and Educators

Media bias is when journalists and news producers show favoritism or prejudice in their reporting. This can harm viewers by spreading misinformation, such as leaving out important facts or shaping the readers' perspectives in a biased way. 

Find the Perfect Read, Featuring Webinar on Language Access Civil Rights and Health

Television shows, films, video games, social media these are all forms digital entertainment, but there are still traditional forms like novels. An array of genres for everyone. 

Tips for Making Time Just for You Featuring In-Person Early Voting

We a i m to be productive and highly accomplished in our day-to-day lives, often focusing on others without dedicating time to personal well-being. This puts us at risk of experiencing high stress, low self-estee m, and diminished productivity. Therefore, setting aside time for oneself isn't just helpful, it's necessary for a healthy and engaging life.