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Discovering Inspiration

Last week, we talked about what it means to be creative. One of the core parts of being creative is to become inspired by something, somewhere, or someone.  Whether it’s an artist looking in nature, a writer looking at a bestseller list, or a young athlete looking at the Hall Of Fame, all kinds of folks have learned what motivates their imagination, and what inspires them to do what they love. Featuring… What is Inspiration? Inspiration is defined as "the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative." Sometimes however, we might forget what defines inspiration, and we just need a reminder. There's a short YouTube video, What Is Inspiration   by the channel Productivity Guy , that explains what inspiration looks like, as well as different ways people can find inspiration quickly. 17 Ways to Find Inspiration and Spark Creativity   People use inspiration quite often when creating music, art, books, and more. Sometimes, how
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Unlocking Creativity

Creativity is all about using unique and imaginative ways to create something physical like artwork, or something non-physical, such as an idea or solution. Different people have different levels of creativity, but  all of us have, at some point or another, have had trouble finding a creative "spark" that we need. Thanks to this week's resources, we think we've found a way to rekindle that spark. Featuring… 3 Ways To Build Creativity Creativity is important for everyone, particularly those that like to problem-solve, as well as those who like to create new works of art. In this YouTube video from creator Teo Studies, he goes over multiple ways to build up creativity over time. TS also describes how there can be multiple ways to approach a situation, and the most obvious or straightforward method isn't always the best. Rather, sometimes, stepping back and looking at it from another angle can show you the best solution.   Why Is Creativity Important and What Does It

Patience Is A Virtue

When discussing the topic of patience, a famous quote comes to mind:  "Patience is a virtue, and I'm learning patience. It's a tough lesson."- Elon Musk Last week, we covered the learning of different skills like photography, communication, cooking, and much more. This week, we're diving into a skill that many of us don't immediately think of- patience. Patience, like almost any other skill, requires time and effort to learn, but once learned, the benefits you'll receive will change your life. Featuring… Patience- Who Has Time For That? On YouTube, we once again return to TEDTalks for another well-made presentation. This time, we're looking at "Patience- Who has time for that?" presented by Qass Shoukat, a student at NSU (Nova Southeastern University). In the 12 minute video, Shoukat details how our fast-paced, technology-driven world has led to increased levels of impatience, especially among the younger demographic (ages 12-29). He ends the

Sharpening Our Skills

We’re all good at something, whether it be cooking, writing, sports, photography, or more. When we find something we’re good at, and learn to do it better, then we're learning a "skill". When we not only learn new skills but also improve those we already know, we learn new things that we’ll carry with us for the rest of our lives. Featuring… 7 Ways To Learn New Skills Many of us have a skill picked out that we're interested in. However, trying to learn that skill can seem daunting. However, there are several ways to quickly pick up on new skills you're trying out. has published a list of 7 innovative tips and tricks that should help anyone looking to pick up a new skill. These range from viewing a new skill as a challenge to beat, finding the right time to dedicate to the skill, to simply being active in looking for new skills to learn. Top 10 Ways To Improve Any Skill Fast Now that you understand the basics of your chosen skill, the next step is learn

Finding Inner Strength

 Becoming confident in yourself can sometimes be challenging. Sometimes, you just want to do whatever is easiest, because you are unsure/afraid if you can handle anything difficult. Becoming self-confident allows you to move past those concerns and accomplish tasks you didn't think you could do before. Thankfully, there are plenty of tips, tricks, and resources to teach us how to become, and stay, self-confident. Featuring… 3 Tips To Boost Your Confidence Being confident is a lot easier said than done. While it's great to think positively about self-confidence, when the moment comes to be confident, you need to know how to act confident, not just think it. Luckily, there are a few tips we can learn how to show confidence, even in stressful situations. This short YouTube video, from the channel TED-Ed, is wonderfully animated, and explains 3 different ways to increase your self-confidence/esteem. How To Build Self-Confidence So we've seen ways to show confidence in stressful

Famous Americans With Disabilities

Happy 4th Of July! America turns 246 this year, and to celebrate, we thought it would be cool to look at some of the historical figures that helped make America so great today. Many of these figures despite having disabilities, managed to become some of the most influential people in American history, and are still beloved and examined today. Featuring… 15 Historical Figures With Disabilities Throughout American history, there have been plenty of people with disabilities who have helped to shape the modern USA. These patriots were inventors, artists, activists, and even the president. Much like our celebrity list below, we've discovered a great list of 15 men and women who had lasting effects on U.S history . 10 Actors With Disabilities When talking about famous people, it's kinda hard to not include actors and actresses. Of course, just like us, many of these stars have physical and/or mental disabilities, which certainly hasn't effected their careers on the big screen. Th

Making Connections

No matter your age, connecting with others is always important, as forming bonds early in life can lead to great friends and opportunities later down the road. While it can be difficult to trust others, especially if you’ve been taken advantage of before, it’s crucial to look for those who wish to connect with others, start conversations, and/or create new relationships. Featuring… Connect A question that might come up is “Why should we connect with others at all?” Well, there a ton of reasons why connections are great. On the Australian website 5 Ways to Wellbeing, we found a resource simply called “Connect”, that includes a 30-second video that explains why making bonds and connections matter. Since humans are social animals, we thrive off of interaction and community, which explains why we care about bonding with others so much. Social Connections There are many benefits to making new connections with people. These benefits can be good for both our physical and mental health, which