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Nutrition Matters

When it comes to eating, it's essential to pick the right kind of food to eat. Eating healthy and nutritious meals leads to longer lifespans, improved decision-making, and better moods. This week, we're looking at why nutrition matters and how you can start eating (and feeling) well.
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Workplace Advocacy - Featuring: NJ Legislative Youth Council

Self-advocacy is a skill/tool used throughout your life, whether at school, home, or work. In particular, self-advocacy is essential when entering a new job or career. It will enable you to confidently and accurately talk to your boss/supervisor about any required assistance. This week, we're looking at a single resource, an article, that contains several tips for utilizing self-advocacy in the workplace. Featuring… Tips For Self-Advocacy In The Workplace When you're at work, trying and doing the best job possible is essential. That task is made all the easier when you have the support you need from your boss and coworkers. This is why self-advocacy is so important, so you can adequately explain what you require to succeed. On , we've found many tips for those looking for accommodation at work. These tips, from studying yourself and your performance to creating a written request for what you need to know your legal rights, can do wonders for those who need assi

Pet Power

Pets and their affection can be an important part to a healthy lifestyle. Taking care of pets teaches responsibility and maturity, in addition to creating a personal connection between yourself and your new furry friend. This week, we  learn how to care for pets at home and how the bond can benefit the mind and body while teaching responsibility. Featuring… Having a Pet Can Improve Your Mental Health For centuries, people have found love and companionship in animals. Pet owners give so much to their animals, and they receive endless love, affection, and more in return. This short YouTube video, by the popular channel Psych2Go, explains how there's many benefits to establishing a bond with your pet(s), including reduced anxiety and depression, as well as encouragement to be more active.   8 Health Benefits Of Having A Pet We know about the mental health benefits of having a pet in your life, but what about the physical benefits? This 2012 article on animal-related health benefits, f

Building Trust

Cooperation with others can be a rewarding experience, but only if you can trust the people you’re working with. However, if you put your faith in the right people, then the connections/friendships you make will not only help you in the short term, but could even change your life. This week, we’ll be learning how to build trust in others, and how to make others trust you . Featuring… How do I build trust? The way you build trust with others is the exact same way you fall in love. Which means you devote yourself to the care of another human being, sometimes at the sacrifice of your own interests. In this short YouTube video, visionary author Simon Sinek illustrates how similar the processes of building trust and falling in love are.   10 Ways To Build Trust Building trust with others can seem easy at times, but other times it can seem tricky. On, there's an article with several ways to build trust with your friends, family, and others in various  situations.  

Positive Forces

There are two ways we respond to certain situations in life, they respond in one of two ways: positively  or negatively . When we're experiencing stress, anger, or sadness, we're more likely to respond negatively, which can lead to poor decision-making and bad attitudes later on. However, when we respond positively, we can open up new opportunities, form new connections, and (in some special examples) even change history and culture as a whole. Featuring… Should You Be Positive? So now that we know the differences between positive responses and negative responses, let's look at some of the benefits of being positive. On YouTube, we've found a video discussing several advantages of acting and thinking positively; it's a perfect showcase of far being positive can take you.   Black Disability History: Brad Lomax And Disability Power A great example of the power of positivity is in the story of Brad Lomax. Despite going through great adversity during the Civil Rights Mo

Supported Decision Making

SDM, or Supported Decision Making, is a concept we're all familiar with in some way. Before making decisions,  we ask our friends, families, and professionals  for help, but it is also a lifestyle for people  with disabilities to grow their independence  in adulthood . Featuring… Garrett's Story SDM allows those with disabilities to actively make decisions that affect them, with some support. One person who uses SDM on a daily basis is Garrett from Maine, and his experiences with SDM is explained in his story, found here on YouTube.   Young Workers: SkillUp NJ New Jersey workers can now access over 5,000 free online Skillsoft courses via the SkillUp New Jersey training program.  The free online learning program offers over 5,000 soft skill programs such as Customer Service, Microsoft Office, Time Management, and more.  Various high-demand industry sectors offer courses, including information technology, business analysis, customer service, project management, and digital litera

Becoming Leaders

It’s one thing to take charge and do the right thing yourself; it’s another to inspire others to do the same. Leadership is about taking charge, doing the right thing, and inspiring others to do the same. This week, we'll cover the qualities of a leader, the difference of good leaders vs bad leaders, and how leaders can shape the future of their communities. Featuring… Defining Leadership While we can easily define leadership, it might be hard to understand the effect that a leader can have on a group or organization. One area where you will see the real impact of leadership is at work, usually in an office setting. Here, managers, owners, and supervisors can make the most of good leadership to achieve various goals for their employees. This article, on , contains a short video explaining what makes someone a leader, as well as how good leaders can create good environments for those around them.   8 Ways To Become A Better Leader While anyone can assume the role of leade