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Navigating Confrontation Featuring Nursing Career Guide for People With Disabilities

Confrontation and conflict are inevitable when interacting with others. However, confrontation does not have to be negative or mean-spirited; it often arises from miscommunication between individuals or groups.
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Connect Through Conversation Featuring Nathan Markley's Story

Communication is a social necessity for creating and building connections. Conversation is an exchange, a back-and-forth of ideas. Growing communication skills is the bridge to conversing with others. Whether at work, school, with friends, or with peers, knowing how to communicate and in what form (assistive technology, American Sign Language, oral and written, etc.) is important for human interaction.

Navigating Criticism Featuring Understanding The Spectrum

Presentation of ideas or   oneself is open to feedback, such as praise or criticism. While praise is preferable, criticism can be necessary or expected. Learning how to handle criticism is a life skill that leads to growth and self-awareness.

Starting a YouTube Channel Featuring Health Care Transition Kits

Self-expression is important for a healthy mindset and to create connections. Social media serves as a prime example of expression through the internet. YouTube has evolved into a platform for creativity with a limitless audience.

How to Start a Resume Featuring Career & Community Resource Fair

Searching for a job is challenging and time-consuming. Employers seek candidates with specific skills, experience, and education. A resume is necessary to summarize work experiences, education, and achievements, often serving as the first impression when applying for a job .

Staying Focused

  In a world full of distractions, it can be hard to control ourselves and stay focused on current tasks. Training your brain to develop a focused mindset allows you to complete goals faster, giving you more time yourself on other things in life.   

The Benefits of Traveling

Traveling is a rewarding experience; its impact is essential in our lives and a valuable experience for growing and developing.