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Getting Some Rest

  G etting a good night’s sleep is important for not only keeping you focused, but can also prevent headaches, anxiety, and other stresses. Let’s talk about how to get some well-needed rest, and what that means for your health. Featuring… Getting Enough Sleep We all need good sleep to think straight, focus on work/school, and stay healthy, both mentally and physically. And if we don't get enough good sleep at night, we can suffer some pretty bad health effects, including some long-term sicknesses. In this short YouTube video, sleep expert Matthew Walker details all the health issues that can come from a lack of good sleep. 10 Ways To Get A Good Night's Rest For youth, it's critical to get a good sleep every night, but studies show that many young adults and high schoolers like to look at their phone screen late at night instead of sleeping. It's a bad habit that can be tricky to break, however we found a few tips that should help with that. This blog post from Michigan

Exploring Nature

Exploring and connecting with nature can be good for physical and mental health. The beauty and wonder of nature can help relieve any stress or anxiety you might be going through. There are excellent resources and activities about nature's effect on the mind. Featuring… Getting Outside Let us start with a short YouTube video from UNC Health, explaining all the essential things about getting outside occasionally. The video explains how the human mind can become overwhelmed if stressful things are happening and how taking a short walk or hike can be a source of comfort. Connecting With Nature Studies support the idea of nature bringing peace to your mind. This article from the Mental Health Foundation, a British mental health foundation, has done studies on the mental health of people surrounded by nature, compared to the health of those living in large cities like London. On average, those living in nature reported higher confidence levels, less anxiety over the COVID pandemic, and

COVID-19 Immunization Project | Providing Access on Information About COVID-19 and Vaccines

It is Your Turn/Your Voice - Youth/Young Adults Speak Out! | Conversations for Youth & Young Adults with Disabilities and Special Health Care Needs If you are between the ages of 14-26 and have/had a 504 or IEP. We want to hear from you! Voice your concerns and areas that you think need improvement as we continue to go through this pandemic regarding COVID-19 information and vaccinations. SHARE YOUR COVID EXPERIENCE! Tuesday, May 17, 2022, at 4:00-5:00 PM for ages 14-21 yrs. Click here to register: Tuesday, May 17, 2022, at 6:00-7:00 PM for ages 18-26 yrs. Click here to register: !A $40 STIPEND IS AVAILABLE TO ALL YOUTH/YOUNG ADULTS THAT PARTICIPATE! features resources to build independence in youth and young adults. They are focused on teaching the skills to become self-reliant individuals. Explore the site's available self-determined tools and resources: Featuring… I'm Determined I'm Determined project features tools to help goal-attaining whether at home, school, or in everyday life. Or how we can approach resolution or problem-solving.  Problem-Solving Throughout life, we will encounter many problems that seem tough to solve, at least without some help. That help can be found on, with their "Problem-Solving" guide. Watch the scenario videos about a high school girl who struggles to solve an issue with her friend until she receives support from her parents and teachers. Another scene shows a fight between two brothers and their different perspectives on why the fight started. Using viewpoints and support from others can be a great way to solve problems that you can't de

Traveling in 2022

Traveling is therapeutic and builds independence as a youth and young adult, whether domestic, international or on a cruise ship. In 2022, being on the road or overseas may require extra steps. Finding current COVID-19 travel requirements, dealing with travel anxiety, and other useful tips can help you successfully travel in 2022. Featuring… Travel Stay updated with the latest COVID-19 related and more information on international, domestic, and cruise ship travel on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) webpage, Travel. Top 5 Travel Trends Destinations are reopening for tourism. If you're looking for a reason to travel, here is a list from  The top 5 travel trends include supporting local businesses, celebrating achievements and milestones, and connecting with nature. Road Trip Activities Thanks to the Winding Road Tripper website, there are fun activities for your next road trip! Activities like listening to new musical artists and genres, playing tr