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Raising Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is self-worth, and it matters for your emotional well-being. While everyone can lack confidence, healthy self-esteem is necessary to value yourself. This week, we'll revisit the unique concept of self-esteem, and check out some new resources made to improve confidence in yourself. Featuring… What Is Self-Esteem? Self-esteem is important because it determines how we feel about ourselves. Whether your self-esteem is low or high can affect how we respond to different situations. Those with low self-esteem tend to respond to adversity or challenges with self-doubt and frustration, while those with high self-esteem regularly ask for help with any issues they face. On the website, we've found a great post that defines what self-esteem is, includes advice on self esteem improvement, and even comes with a short YouTube video about the problems low self esteem can cause.   Raising Low Self-Esteem Low self-esteem, just like stress, can occur from time to time in just

Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2023

Martin Luther King Jr Day (or MLK Day) is celebrated and observed every third Monday of the new year; 2023's holiday falling on Monday, January 16th, close to King's actual birthday on January 15. King was a Baptist minister and social activist that had a huge impact on the civil rights movement of the 1950s in the US. King was assassinated in 1968 and will be remembered for his non-violent protests against segregation, his “I Have A Dream" speech, and lasting legacy for the support of equal rights and advocacy for all Americans . Featuring… MLK Day is a government website that hosts links and resources for community service members across the country. They also make posts about national holidays which includes MLK Day. Here's a quote taken from the first paragraph on the MLK post:  " Martin Luther King, Jr., National Day of Service is a defining moment each year when Americans across the country step up to make communities more equitable and take

Stress Management

Stress management is described as "the tools, strategies, or techniques that reduce stress and reduce the negative impacts stress has on your mental or physical well-being." High stress management is the same concept, but applied to scenarios that can cause a lot of stress all at once, like a breakup, moving away, or an intense argument with someone else.  Let's talk about stress management, and the various ways to handle any kind of stress. Featuring… Breathing Relaxation Techniques Breathing exercises and meditation have been proven to combat high stress levels, with historical sources, both medical and mythical, praising their use as far back as ancient times Today, we only have to look to YouTube for breathing exercise guides, like Box Breathing Relaxation Technique: How To Calm Feelings Of Stress Or Anxiety . from the channel Sunnybrook Hospital . In addition, we've found a second video, Square Breathing Visual , that can act as a visual aid alongside the Box Bre

2023 Resolutions

It’s a new year and many people are eagerly making their 2023 plans. New Year’s resolutions are the perfect opportunity for those looking to continue good actions, start new ones, or complete personal goals. Read on to learn about the most common Resolutions, and how to best maintain them.   Featuring… 10 Most Common Resolutions On , we've found a list of the 10 most common New Year's Resolutions. Included with this list, are some pieces of advice from the author, on how to stick to your Resolutions and not just leave them unfinished for the next year. Plus, if you don't think any of these resolutions are right for you, then don't worry, we have a lot more options with our next resource. 55 New Year's Resolution Ideas If you thought the previous list of Resolution ideas wasn't expansive enough, our second resource should offer more than a few extra options. On the website, we found an even longer list of 55 ideas for a New Year's Reso