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How To Be Assertive

Communication is a life skill but requires different tones and types. Assertiveness is an essential tool and tone to express calmly and collectedly while refusing to be pushed around or ignored.

Reflect And Adjust

As we navigate through life, it's important to stop and look at our current priorities and routines. Making changes to your normal routine makes you more flexible, and allows you to expect the unexpected as you meet new people and set new goals.  The Value of Self-Reflection   Self-reflection is commonly defined as "taking time to think about and evaluate your behaviors, attitudes, and motivations. With this in mind, it's clear that self-reflection is very valuable for healthy development and healthy mindsets. This TEDTalk, presented by James Schmidt, sheds light on how youth can use self-reflection to be more productive, focused, and how to change goals and objectives that are no longer useful.   Watch the TEDTalk here: 

Hobbies to Try in 2024

Hobbies are a way to relieve anxiety, use free time, and exercise for physical or mental health. Unique hobbies go as far as building skills and talents.  How hobbies can improve your mental health- Feelgood Health   The Feelgood Health YouTube channel hosts a series, "Feelgood Health MythBusters," to examine truths and rumors surrounding health issues in the medical community. The effects of hobbies on one's mental health also dispel myths surrounding mental health and mindfulness.  Check out the video here:


Burnout, or complete mental, physical, and emotional exhaustion, can happen when life seems overwhelming. There are ways to recognize and avoid its damaging effects, from taking necessary breaks to seeking the support of others. What Is Burnout? On YouTube, the channel "How To ADHD" explains burnout's symptoms, the definition, and how it is a common issue in school/work, especially among younger people. Watch the video here:  Beating Burnout Harvard Business Review published an article on how business leaders and CEOs handle workplace burnout. Using their advice, the article details four different ways to handle burnout, from realistic goal setting to time management. Read more here: . 24 Ways To Avoid Burnout Perhaps you’re looking for more options to deal with burnout. Check out this massive list of 24 unique ways to beat burnout. Recovery requires determination and willpower to avoid exhaustion.  Have you ever felt burnout? Let