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Making Connections

No matter your age, connecting with others is always important, as forming bonds early in life can lead to great friends and opportunities later down the road. While it can be difficult to trust others, especially if you’ve been taken advantage of before, it’s crucial to look for those who wish to connect with others, start conversations, and/or create new relationships. Featuring… Connect A question that might come up is “Why should we connect with others at all?” Well, there a ton of reasons why connections are great. On the Australian website 5 Ways to Wellbeing, we found a resource simply called “Connect”, that includes a 30-second video that explains why making bonds and connections matter. Since humans are social animals, we thrive off of interaction and community, which explains why we care about bonding with others so much. Social Connections There are many benefits to making new connections with people. These benefits can be good for both our physical and mental health, which

Conflict Resolution

Conflict is defined as "a serious disagreement or argument between two or more people." Conflict can be stressful, but there are quite a few ways to resolve differences. While it may seem difficult, learning to resolve differences, also known as "conflict resolution", can be very valuable for anyone looking to prevent fights, stop arguments, and even bring together people who were once thought to be enemies. Featuring… Resolving Conflict There will be many times in life where you will disagree with someone else, which can lead to conflict. Learning how to resolve conflicts takes time and patience, but the skills you’ll learn can help to make a friendlier and more well-connected world. On YouTube, we found a short video from the channel KPR Schools, explaining the right and wrong ways to resolve conflict. Conflict Resolution Tips   It's not always easy to deal with conflicts, especially a conflict that you are involved with personally. Things may get heated, and

Sun Fun

The sun (you know, that big shiny orb in the sky) is one of the most powerful sources of energy in the universe. We've used the sun's energy, or solar power, for many uses, everything from growing our food to powering our homes. There is one use for the sun that we're only recently learning about, and that can be as a calming source for many of us who suffer from anxiety, stress, and other issues. Featuring… Sun Safety While there are many benefits from the sun, there can also be many risks if not properly/ safely prepared. We already know that being exposed to the sun too much can give us painful sunburns on our skin. But long term overexposure to the sun, especially without protective sunscreen and/or clothing, can lead to health problems later in life. has a great online post about the health issues caused by too much time in direct sunlight, including a short 1 minute Youtube video. Enjoying the sun should, like most fun things, be done in moderation

Month of Pride

T he month of June is officially known as Pride Month. During Pride Month, the legacy and love of the LGBTQ+ movement is recognized and celebrated across the world, especially in the U.S. This week, we'll dive into how Pride Month was started, the awesome celebrations of pride across America, and the legacy of a special historic moment in New York City, in 1969. Featuring… Pride Explained If you are not familiar with Pride Month, don't worry, we got you covered. We've found a short YouTube video, made by the channel Pop'n'Olly, that quickly explains how Pride Month was started. The video covers the famous Stonewall Inn incident in 1969, during which police attempted to raid a LGBTQ+ friendly bar in NYC. The bar patrons refused to be arrested and began a protest, which led to other protests being formed across New York. These protests started a debate about gay rights in New York, and made LGBTQ+ communities famous across the U.S. June is LGBT Pride Month   It's