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The YAFC Podcast Series, Featuring - Know Your Rights: VR Services and Tuition

Entertainment is not in short supply, and podcasts are a popular way to stay entertained and informed. There are now thousands of podcasts to choose from, but not many reflect the unique challenges of the disability communities.  Here is an excellent opportunity to tune into the RAISE Center's YAFC podcast series, which collects personal stories and challenges from youth and young adults who identify with a disability. Featuring… The YAFC Podcast Series The RAISE Youth Advocates for Change, YAFC, released a podcast series on topics important to youth and young adults with disabilities. The podcast highlights unique challenges from the disability community told by a youth voice with these experiences. Listen to these stories that can help you, a parent, professional, or youth/young adult, engage with your community. Find it by clicking the link here: Know Your Rights: VR Services and Tuition ' Join the Employment Tea

Taking a Mental Health Day

Stress is a regular part of our daily lives; too much stress/anxiety can leave us feeling overwhelmed at best and nonfunctional at worst. Many individuals are taking "mental health days" to prevent burnout. While taking time to relieve stress is not new, "mental health day" is a new practice.  Featuring… What's A Mental Health Day? Recently, mental health days increased in recognition thanks to employers, governments, and universities on a global level. There is an urgent response to workers, students, or residents taking time to improve their well-being. On , read more about mental health days and the right time to take them without disrupting your schedule. 10 Signs To Take A Mental Health Day You must know the signs of sudden burnout or mental exhaustion regarding time off for mental health. On , find ten signs that a mental health day might be necessary. Of course, you can decide the best time to take a mental hea

Balancing Good Eats - Featuring. The "NJ Youth Transition Tip Challenge"

There needs to be a set plan when it comes to healthy eating. There are unique factors to consider when planning a balanced meal, such as the type of food, the amount of said food, your body type, allergies, lactose intolerance, etc. Knowing all these bits of information is valuable to anyone picking the right, healthy meals for themselves. Let's discuss balancing meals and test your knowledge for the Jeopardy fans on "good eats." Featuring… Healthy Eating Plate There's an excellent guide on the website , helpful to anyone looking to make delicious healthy meals. The interactive picture displays how a healthy meal plan is divided into several categories: vegetables, healthy oils, whole grains, and more. These category amounts can also be modified based on allergies, diabetes, or other factors. Healthy Eating: Jeopardy! For lovers of Jeopardy! Fans, this following resource is for you! This customized Jeopardy game is like its TV counterpart, full