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Living with Thanks

Thanksgiving is often represented by family and friends gathering, giving thanks, and enjoying a dinner. The holiday break is an opportunity for everyone to build memories with each other. For example, backyard football with uncles and cousins. Living with thanks, however, is a way of life that can go beyond one day. How would it look if we went the day after the holidays filled with gratitude, thankful in all circumstances, and showing grace to our loved ones and those we encounter. Read more here on practicing gratitude and its positive impact on your mental and emotional health: What are some of your favorite holiday memories? How can gratitude be a long-term goal? Let us know in the comments below! Resources... Link to SPAN's website: Link to SPAN's Youth in the Know Resource Page:  Youth in the Know We're here for you! Call SPAN if you need assistance: 1-800-654-7726.

How I Manage My Time

Time management is an intentional life skill constantly evolving, and some consider it a privilege. Learning to improve time management is understanding your challenges and acting responsibly with your day-to-day.  How I Manage My Time - 10 Time Management Tips ' How I Manage My Time - 10 Time Management Tips'  from the channel  Ali Abdaal   describes 10 tips for better time management, as well as a guide on how to adopt a mindset focused on effective planning:  Watch it here:  What Is Time Management?  Time management can be fundamental when prioritizing tasks and effective scheduling, which refers to productivity. Find out the relationship between managing your time and productivity here : Interested in a few more tips? Check out workplace, school, or daily tips, like delegating tasks, learning to say no, and reducing constant cell phone usage.  Read more here : How do you manage your time? Do

Effective Communication

Communication is a part of our daily lives. We communicate with friends, family, coworkers, and even pets. Being an effective communicator, however, takes practice.   Communication - Basics and Importance Study ' Communication - Basics and Importance'  from the channel  Curriculum Wadhwani , a breakdown of the 7 C's, a guide to effective communication that includes how to listen:  Watch it here: 8 Ways & 5 Types To Improve Communication  Check out eight tips, including preparing your words, using nonverbal communication, and keeping a positive and respectful tone when talking.  Learn more here: Find even more unique ways to communicate with others. Emails, body language, written correspondence, and sign language. Read more here : . What is your favorite way of communicating? Any challenges? Let us know in the comments below! Let us know in the comments.  Resources... Link to SPAN's website: Link

Accommodations at Work: What Do I Need to Know?

The primary purpose of the Transitions to Adulthood Center for Research's  Accommodations at Work: What do I Need to Know?   Accommodations don't change expectations at work but an adjustment to help a need or challenge. For example, a cashier with a physical disability may request an increase in lunchtime to rest for their shift. In a workplace, workers can only get accommodations under the law if they 'disclose' their disability. If you need help determining what accommodations can be helpful, the tip sheet is a starting point. The guide includes studies, supporting articles, and visuals to learn about 'reasonable' accommodations.  Want to Know More?  Find the tip sheet here: . Nicolellis, D. (2023). Accommodations at Work: What Do I Need to Know? Worcester, MA: UMass Chan Medical School, Department of Psyc