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The Power of Patience

Patience leads to maturity and calmness. Other traits are a sound mind, improved decision-making, and cultivating positive relationships. In complex and uncertain times, patience is necessary in life.  Patience is a Virtue Check out a short animated video from YouTuber Jason I Am  and an important lesson he learned in his youth and shared with viewers on a trip to Costa Rica.  Watch it here:  What is Patience? Patience is a virtual but challenging to come to grips with. Whether it is a loss of temper, hunger, or an issue that has peaked, the lack of patience is all too familiar. One of the first steps to master the skill is understanding impatience. Read more here: Five Patience Activities  Need to practice patience? Patience leads to better outcomes, so practicing the skills can improve lives.  Here are five activities to start; find them here: . What are your

The Tools for Work Success Study

The primary purpose of the Tools for Work Study  is to determine which of two approaches is most effective in helping young adults, ages 18 to 30 years old, with mental health conditions to develop skills around focus, memory, planning/time management, and problem-solving for work.  Why Participate? >You may gain tools for your work success.  >The online Focused Skill & Strategy Training (FSST) for Work is a one-on-one facilitator-guided training. >Access to the Work Success Launchpad, a self-guided online training that can provide tools for your work success. Who's Eligible? >Young adults between the ages of 18-30 living with a mental health condition who are employed for at least 20 hours a week.  Want to Know More?  >Find out more by contacting the study team at or 508-864-5329. Read more here:

The Art of Problem-Solving

Problems can be frustrating when they pop up, no matter the size. That begs the question, is there a correct way to tackle problems? There are many solutions to addressing issues, but there are also models for guidance.  The I.D.E.A. Model  Watch the video to learn about the steps in the I.D.E.A. (Identify, Develop, Execute, Assess) model to recognize and overcome challenges. Check out  How to Solve a Problem in Four Steps: The IDEA Model  here:  8-Step Problem Solving Process Modern problems require modern solutions.  The 8-Step Problem-Solving Process from Iowa University includes steps to identify a situation and create a list, with each step representing a new method to solve problems.  Find it here : Problem-Solving Group Activities Build new or existing connections with your friends, family, or communities with problem-solving activities designed for group interactions. Prac

Open-Mindedness and Why it Matters

To be open-minded is to look at all information somewhat and non-biasedly, even if that information goes against your own thoughts and beliefs. While most people consider themselves 100% open-minded, we sometimes need help accepting new information that conflicts with our current knowledge. There are methods and lessons we can learn to make ourselves more open-minded; these can be found in the featured resources below.  Are You Open Minded?  Our first resource is a TEDxTalk that describes how open-mindedness can lead to better problem-solving. Throughout the 15-minute video, presenter Paul Sloane details how accepting new information can present new opportunities at home, work, and everyday life. Watch Are You Open Minded? Three Ways to Break Thinking Patterns here:  Practicing Open Mindedness Many of us want to believe that we are always open-minded, even with information that goes against our current beliefs. However, most people are stubborn and find accepting new or uncomfortable