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About E2E National: Seeing Eye To Eye

Education is often described as an important step for youth and young adults to find success in the world. However, for those with disabilities, quality education can sometimes be hard to come by. Eye-To Eye National is a community whose goal is to improve education for those with disabilities, in addition to working towards an anti-ableist and inclusive society for all.  They were kind enough to join our Chat this week, so let's dive into the resources that they shared with us .   Featuring… Featured Work From Eye To Eye A major component of Eye To Eye's success is the work of their community. This blog post found on their website features several research  projects created by six young adults. These diverse projects do a great job of advancing education standards for youth with disabilities, while also opening discussions about different issues facing youth of different backgrounds.  The Transitioning Guide, Plus A Shared Story In addition to the research projects, Eye To Eye

Practicing Self-Advocacy

Self-advocacy gives youth and young adults with disabilities the confidence to ask for the tools they need to be successful in the real world. The strategy not only benefits youth at home and school, but helps to explain their learning disability to friends and family members.   Let's explore some resources that focus on self-advocacy.   Featuring… Four Steps To Self-Advocacy A great self-advocacy resource comes to us from the Churchill Center & School website.  While there's an entire page of resources available, we're going to focus on the 4 Steps To Self-Advocacy found at the beginning of the page. Know your strengths. Be aware of your weaknesses. Identify strategies to overcome those weaknesses. Effectively communicate those needs to others.  These simple to follow steps can serve as a good inspiration for anyone learning to advocate for themselves.  Adulting Shorts: The Tea On IEPS Like the one discussed before, most of our resources are usually blog posts and webp

Halloween For All

Halloween is a nationwide celebration for millions of families. But there is still much work to make it an inclusive holiday for individuals with disabilities .  Read on to learn how families and communities can create an inclusive Halloween in the future.   Featuring… How to Have a Safe Halloween The best part of Halloween isn't the decorations, the costumes, or even the super sweet candy. The best part of Halloween is having the community come together, with youth of all ages and backgrounds showing off their creativity and having fun. Of course, staying safe should also be a top priority, and this YouTube video from the channel   National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability (NCHPAD)  includes some great ways to stay safe, while also making the spooky season more accessible to everyone.  How to Host An Inclusive Halloween If you're interested in creating a more inclusive Halloween for next year, there's a lot more that can be done to accommodate everyone in