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Dealing With Sickness

Getting sick can be, to put it mildly, not very fun. However, should you come down with the common cold or flu, know there are plenty of ways to speed up your recovery. This week, we're learning the best ways to overcome a sickness, as well as the best ways to avoid getting sick in the future. Featuring… What To Do When You Get Sick? There are plenty of home remedies for when you get sick, however, for those curious, the CDC (Center For Disease Control) has provided some guidelines for how to fight the flu, though these guidelines can be used to deal with any mild illness. These guidelines also include good advice for what to do when sick at home, how to tell if you have a mild or serious illness, and much more. Is It Flu, COVID-19, Allergies, or a Cold? Knowing the basics for fighting off sickness is important, however knowing what exact illness you have is just as important. While the previous resource provided basic universal advice for dealing with being sick, this resource, an

Manage Your Personal Space

  If  there's one thing that we can all agree on, it's that sometimes people get too close for comfort. The area where we start being uncomfortable with others' closeness to us is called personal space, and when our own personal space is violated, accidently or intentionally, it can produce a range of reactions in us; some neutral, others irritated, and for some others, even angry. This week, we're learning about personal space, how to solve any conflicts related to it, and what to do if you invade the personal space of  others. Featuring… How Close Is Too Close? Personal space is defined as "the distance from another person at which one feels comfortable when talking to or being next to that other person." Different people are comfortable at different distances, and respond to anyone getting "too" close in a variety of ways. CBS published a YouTube video, in which they conducted a social experiment to see the personal space limits some people have.

Nutrition Matters

When it comes to eating, it's essential to pick the right kind of food to eat. Eating healthy and nutritious meals leads to longer lifespans, improved decision-making, and better moods. This week, we're looking at why nutrition matters and how you can start eating (and feeling) well.

Workplace Advocacy - Featuring: NJ Legislative Youth Council

Self-advocacy is a skill/tool used throughout your life, whether at school, home, or work. In particular, self-advocacy is essential when entering a new job or career. It will enable you to confidently and accurately talk to your boss/supervisor about any required assistance. This week, we're looking at a single resource, an article, that contains several tips for utilizing self-advocacy in the workplace. Featuring… Tips For Self-Advocacy In The Workplace When you're at work, trying and doing the best job possible is essential. That task is made all the easier when you have the support you need from your boss and coworkers. This is why self-advocacy is so important, so you can adequately explain what you require to succeed. On , we've found many tips for those looking for accommodation at work. These tips, from studying yourself and your performance to creating a written request for what you need to know your legal rights, can do wonders for those who need assi

Pet Power

Pets and their affection can be an important part to a healthy lifestyle. Taking care of pets teaches responsibility and maturity, in addition to creating a personal connection between yourself and your new furry friend. This week, we  learn how to care for pets at home and how the bond can benefit the mind and body while teaching responsibility. Featuring… Having a Pet Can Improve Your Mental Health For centuries, people have found love and companionship in animals. Pet owners give so much to their animals, and they receive endless love, affection, and more in return. This short YouTube video, by the popular channel Psych2Go, explains how there's many benefits to establishing a bond with your pet(s), including reduced anxiety and depression, as well as encouragement to be more active.   8 Health Benefits Of Having A Pet We know about the mental health benefits of having a pet in your life, but what about the physical benefits? This 2012 article on animal-related health benefits, f