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How to Foster Healthy Relationships

Creating connections is a natural and fulfilling part of life. Still, harmful or toxic individuals can limit your potential. Building healthy relationships with positive people who offer support and care is crucial.  Creating Friendships Before we delve into building and improving our relationships, here is an overview of how to create new friendships. The YouTube channel Career and Life Skills Lessons  shows the straightforward process of making new friends and how to identify and repair a struggling friendship. Watch the video here:  Making Good Friends In modern times, making friends online is more accessible than in person. While you can form connections through social media, gaming, and more, that doesn't mean there are no benefits to having friends through social communities. Friends from childhood or a job can share a unique connection.  Read more here: . Tips On Building Relationships Le

Embracing Change

Change is a part of life that is often avoided, but there are benefits to accepting change. New opportunities are endless for those comfortable enough to embrace new people, environments, challenges, and more.  Navigate and Embrace Change Simon Sinek is an author who dedicates time to inspiring his audiences. Sinek explains in his video that he seeks risk-takers open to new things. These people, Sinek says, motivate him and others to explore and embrace change. Watch the video here: Embracing Change Control is a need that individuals place over parts of their lives. When people find themselves in routine, change can take away their control. Personal growth is not tied to control but to accepting new perspectives and ways of living.  Read more from the 'Embracing Change' blog that explains the benefits of change for self-improvement. Find it here: Change And Personal Growth Learn from another BetterUp blog to find a list of 15 acti

Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2024

Understanding one another builds relationships, and having compassion or empathy with others helps people and strengthens them through difficult times.  What Is Compassion? What Is Compassion , a YouTube video from the channel Communication Coach Alexander Lyon, is a guide to recognizing how to use compassion to benefit your current or future relationships. Watch the video here:  MLK: A Legacy of Compassion Legendary activist and public speaker Martin Luther King Jr. is known for his speeches and sermons on equality, unity, peace, and. justice. MLK symbolized a man of character based on empathy for his supporters and opponents. Without compassion for his fellow man, King declared, he would never be able to realize his dream of a unified United States. Read more on how the late minister is a role model to the civil rights movement and his legacy of compassion. Find it here: MLK Day Activities Martin Luther King Jr. Day is on

A New Year

Welcome to 2024! We are grateful to our readers who continue to subscribe and support us into the new year. 2024 is a year of great plans and resolutions. But how do we keep our resolutions?   Maintaining Resolutions January is a return to our regular daily schedules outside of our resolutions. It can be overwhelming if new goals and ambitions are too much to take on or not specific. For example, your resolution is to run a marathon, but you aren't a runner. Create manageable steps; start with walking more and then jogging; mile by mile, make it to a marathon.  Read more on seven tips on going strong with resolutions : Do you have any goals for 2024? Let us know in the comments!