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Ride-sharing Tips Featuring Partners in Policymaking 2023-2024

Remember the golden rule? "Don't get in a car with strangers." The rule still applies, but times are changing with ride-sharing apps, Uber and Lyft, which are popular alternatives to public transportation, such as buses, trains, and local subway cars.  Riders or passengers of all ages, backgrounds and people with disabilities are seeing the growth of these apps in NJ as part of their daily use. Safety using and navigating Uber and Lyft is an essential modern-day skill.  NJ Transit Access Link & Uber, Lyft New Jersey Transit is partnering with the Access Link program to provide an alternative to people with disabilities in transportation modes. The pilot program now offers Uber and Lyft at the same price in using Access Link to people who qualify and use Access Link.  Check out a brief overview here:  Navigating & Safety Tips for Uber, Lyft Navigating these apps can challenge youth and young adults or first-time users. Uber and Lyft provide guides to use, browse, a

Getting Around NJ Featuring Rutgers' Study - CLOCK in RECOVER

New Jersey is one of the few states with various transportation modes such as buses, rails, and rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft. There are limits to your location and accessibility ( Access Link ADA Paratransit ) is a suitable option for those who qualify!), but learning how to travel in, around, and out of your state is a valuable skill for yourself, your family, and all NJ residents!  Division Of Disability Services NJ Transit or rideshare apps are growing in accessible options for passengers with developmental disabilities. Read more on the  " Community Transportation by County " webpage with contact information on paratransit service for older residents and people with disabilities. Find it here: NJ Transit Trip Planner Have you ever had difficulty planning a trip with the NJ Transit? Check out the NJ Transit Trip Planner, which helps you create travel itineraries. You start with an origin and destination,

The Youth Development Initiative (YDI) Featuring Resources on Motivation

Motivation can achieve confidence, strength, and other positive benefits. So being an empowering youth means finding the inspiration to take steps into advocacy, discovery, and new challenges like work, school, or other social aspects of your life.  We are calling people of all ages to become motivated to participate in, encourage, or share the Youth Development Initiative (YDI)!

Accessibility in Video Gaming & Featuring NJCIC's Immigrant Youth Advocates Program

Video games are a global interaction, entertainment, and learning phenomenon, but it is a privilege. This digital world has a problem, an accessibility problem.  Individuals who are visually impaired or with physical disabilities often struggle to join the gaming world due to limitations like controller design. Today, Sony's PlayStation is a shining example of inviting accessibility experts to remove barriers in video gaming through Project Leonardo.